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How to use this XLS to PDF Image Converter 🤔

  1. Click 👆 on the Choose File(s) button and choose input XLS files, or you may drag and drop XLS files to the Drop area. You may choose one or multiple XLS files. The chosen files are displayed with size information in the input section.
  2. Click on the Convert button. This is where the ⛄ magic happens. Your documents are sent ➚ to the server for conversion. This all happens in the blink of an eye ⚡.
  3. Once the input XLSs are converted ✅ to PDFs, they appear in the download section.
  4. You may click 👆 on the big Download button to download ↓ all your converted PDFs, or you may download individual PDF by clicking on the respective Download PDF button.
  5. There is also a link 🔗 which you can Copy and share it using which you can download the converted PDF files.
Disclaimer:Please be aware that due to limited server storage, converted images will be automatically purged over time for optimal server performance.