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How to use this SVG to WEBP Image Converter 🤔

  1. Click 👆 on the Choose File(s) button and choose input SVG files, or you may drag and drop SVG files to the Drop area. You may choose one image 🌁 or multiple images 🌃 🌄 🎇. The chosen images are displayed with size information in the input section.
  2. You may change the conversion parameters like quality 🎛, background color, etc., using the sliders, or color input buttons.
  3. Now you can click on the Convert button. This is where the ⛄ magic happens. Your images are sent ➚ to the server for conversion. This all happens in a lightening speed ⚡.
  4. Once the input SVGs are converted ✅ to WEBPs, they appear in the download section.
  5. You may click 👆 on the big Download button to download ↓ all your converted WEBPs, or you may download individual WEBP by clicking on the respective download button.
  6. There is also a link 🔗 which you can Copy and share it using which you can download the converted WEBP files.
Disclaimer:Please be aware that due to limited server storage, converted images will be automatically purged over time for optimal server performance.