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Radians to Seconds Calculator



How to use this Radians to Seconds Calculator 🤔

Follow these steps to convert given Radians value from Radians units to Seconds units.

  1. Enter the input Radians value in the text field.
  2. The Seconds is calculated in realtime ⌚ using the formula, and displayed under the Seconds label.
  3. You may copy the resulting Seconds using the Copy button.


To convert given temperature from Radians to Seconds, use the following formula.

Seconds = Radians * (3600 * 180 / π)


Calculation will be done after you enter a valid input.


Radians are a unit of angular measurement in the International System of Units (SI). One radian is defined as the angle subtended when you travel along the circumference of a circle, covering a distance equal to the circle's radius. Radians are widely used in mathematics and physics, particularly in calculus and trigonometry, where they simplify many mathematical expressions.