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Perimeter of a PentagonCalculator

(length of side of regular pentagon)


Perimeter of a Pentagon

How to use this Perimeter of a Pentagon Calculator 🤔

  1. Enter ✎ value for length of side of regular pentagon \((s)\).
  2. As soon as you enter the required input value(s), the Perimeter of a Pentagon is calculated immediately, and displaed in the output section (present under input section).

Perimeter of a Pentagon

The perimeter of a regular pentagon is a measure of sum of the lengths of five sides of the pentagon. To calculate the perimeter of a pentagon using length of the side, use the given formula for pentagon area, and compute the result.


To calculate the perimeter of a pentagon, you can use the following formula.

Perimeter of Pentagon = \( 5 s \)


Perimeter of a Pentagon